Best Vehicles for Uber and Lyft 2002-2018

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7+ passenger vehicles
Four door trucks

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Best vehicles for ride sharing

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Uber requires that all their cars be four doors.

Subcompacts may be attractive for their low price and fuel efficiency, but beware that New York does not allow subcompact Uber and Lyft vehicles. Moreover, any city could create the same rule at any time. Another issue with subcompacts is that you could have one (or more) customers with wheel chair(s) and their family members, all with luggage. In a subcompact, each person may end up with their luggage on their lap.

Only automatic transmission cars are listed.

Part time drivers may prefer a less expensive vehicle. Full-time drivers may prefer more fuel efficiency.

Do not forget to compare the safety features. Scroll to the right on the spreadsheet to see the safety features.

I highly recommend:

  • Blind spot detectors helps enormously, especially for sudden lane changes.
  • Automatic breaking helps enormously with all the pedestrians and drunk pedestrians walking around your vehicle.
  • Backup camera helps enormously with all the pedestrians and drunk pedestrians walking around your vehicle.


Uber Vehicle Sizes

Uber Express Pool: Share the ride. Walk the the pickup and destination. You can have one or two seats.

UberPool: Share the ride. You can have one or two seats.

UberX: The least expensive Uber service. Seats 4 riders. Drivers use everyday 4 door cars or 4 door trucks. Vehicle cannot be too oldespecially in New York, where newer cars are required.

UberXL: Seats at least 6 passengers. Often minivans non . Higher fare price than UberX

UberSelect: A luxury sedan that seats up to 4 riders. Expect a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc with a leather interior. Formerly known at UberPlus in some markets.

UberSUV: Seats at least 6 passengers. Must be crossover SUV or full-size SUV, with commercial insurance, a TCP, and SFO airport permit. Higher fare price than UberX. Make sure your location is still accepting these.

UberBLACK (Black Car): Uber’s ‘executive’ luxury service. Commercially registered and insured livery vehicles, typically a black SUV or luxury sedan. Highest fare price
UberBLACK and UberSUV vehicles MUST be black on black. Make sure your locations is still accepting these.

Car requirements can vary by city

Lyft Vehicle Sizes

Lyft Line: Share the ride. You can have one or two seats.

Lyft: Low cost service. A request for a Lyft will send to you a 4-seater car

Lyft Plus: A car that seats 6 or more passengers. Slightly more expensive than Lyft

Lyft Premier: Luxury car with leather seats.

Wheelchairs and Guide dogs


If you select a less fuel efficient vehicles, be mindful to accelerate slow and drive the speed limit in order to use less gas and keep more money in your pocket.

Although subcompact vehicles may be less expensive, they will often require that you move the front seats forward to make leg room for rear seating.

The New York TLC does not allow subcompact cars for Uber and Lyft.

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