OpenRide requires payment before the passenger can book the ride with you. Passengers are more committed because they are putting money down. Payments are given to the driver from OpenRide after the scheduled drop offs. I received payments (to my PayPal account) within 24 hours after dropping off the passenger. Trips are scheduled through the OpenRide website. You will receive alerts as text messages on your smart phone when passengers communicate with you.


sRide does not require payment up front. sRide even allows payment in cash. From a driver’s perspective you could end up waiting for the rider, then the rider can easily cancel with no payment penalty. sRide has an easy to use app.

Neither OpenRide, nor sRide do background checks of the drivers. And no carpooling apps, not even the big Uber and Lyft do background checks of the passengers. That is important to note when using Uber pool and Lyft Line.