How to install 2012 Prius lowbeam Headlight bulb

Make sure to remove the correct light bulb. The low beam light bulb is in a different location from the high beam.

The low beam light on the driver’s side is easy to quickly replace.

The low beam on the passenger side requires that you remove two bolts that hold the water reservoir in place, then move the water reservoir out of the way.


  1. Buy one low cost replacement bulb. It will have a yellowish light, but this is the type the dealers use. They last longer compared to the more expensive blueish light bulbs.
  2. Turn off the engine and headlights.
  3. Use a flashlight to find the plastic tab that needs to be pushed down so the wire can be pulled down away from the socket.
  4. After the wire is removed, twist out counterclockwise a quarter turn the socket (bulb is attached to socket). It will loosen so you can remove it from the housing.
  5. Without touching the new bulb, insert it into the light housing. Line up the socket flat to the housing surface, then twist in clockwise a quarter turn into place. It should twist in easily without too much effort. Note: both the driver and passenger side bulbs twist in clockwise.
  6. Push the wire into the socket.

Test when complete, shine the headlights against a wall to make sure they line up straight and are not shing off to the side, up into people’s eyes. If the bulb does shine off and up to the side, remove the bulb, then twist back in making sure to line up the socket to the 5 o’clock position, then twist it in clockwise.

Notes on video below

The reasons the guy in the video below is having trouble replacing the passenger side bulb is because.

  1. He should have removed the wire so that he could line up the socket and confirm it is flat so that it could be twisted in clockwise. It is difficult to twist the passenger bulb in clockwise when the wire is attached.
  2. The water reservoir is blocking the view making it difficult to confirm the socket is in straight and flat. The water reservoir makes it painful to work.