2017 Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid

Just got the new plug-in hybrid Pacifica; our first new car purchase ever. Got a 7 year loan. We are the first owners of it in San Jose, Ca.
Google has a whole fleet of ’em modified to be fully self driving. You will see them being tested on the road in Mountain View, California, and deployed for trial use by volunteer customers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Tested the adaptive cruise control on the freeway. It applied the brakes automatically and slowed it down to 1 mph, then accelerated back up to cruising speed by itself.

Lane Keep Assist

It also has lane keep assist which works but makes me nervous because it does’t activate until it gets too close to the painted lines for my comfort. It feels like it’s zig zagging between the lines. Great if you fell asleep driving though.

Blindspot Dectors

It has blindspot detectors too, which I love. They work well.