I have found that using an Android or iOS tablet (with a cellular data plan) to do Uber and Lyft  is helpful.


  • Easier to read the font. Especially the distance to the next turn.
  • More map displays on the screen
  • Frees up your cell phone to be used for
    • Music
    • Second map
    • LiveSpeed app that shows what the speed limit is on current road
  • Better to have two devices that can do Uber and Lyft in case one fails.


  • Requires special mounting hardware. I used 6 magnets. One magnet on a suction cup arm and 5 magnets on my air vent.
  • I needed to mount it to the left of my steering wheel so I could read the passenger’s name at the lower left of the screen without the steering wheel blocking the view.
  • Brightness of screen needs to be just right to it’s not too glaring at night.