I’ve been watching vehicle accidents on YouTube and have found the following are the top reasons for accidents:

  1. Driving too fast for the conditions and surroundings
  2. Crossing an intersection
  3. Left turns
  4. U-turns
  5. Right turns
  6. Turning suddenly
  7. Turning without looking in your mirror
  8. Turning without using your turn signal
  9. Turning left from the right lane
  10. Turning right from the left lane
  11. Passing on the right
  12. Passing on the left
  13. Sudden breaking
  14. Not seeing around large vehicles
  15. Following too close
  16. Changing lanes
  17. Pulling out into the intersection before you are sure that it’s clear
  18. Stopping where it is unexpected (animals or pedestrians crossing)
  19. Driving at full speed when everyone else has slowed down or stopped
  20. Going through an intersection where everyone else is stopped
  21. Swerving too suddenly (with no traction control)
  22. Not slowing down and steering away from threat
  23. Not looking where you are going
  24. Falling asleep
  25. Drunk driving
  26. Not looking both ways before crossing
  27. Stalled vehicle in the road
  28. Motorcycle splitting lanes
  29. Icy, snowy, wet roads
  30. Running red lights
  31. Not yielding
  32. Following so close that you can’t see what’s about to happen in front of the large vehicle in front of you
  33. Vehicles with no traction control (federally required in U.S. in 2012)
  34. Sunlight in your eyes
  35. Heavy fog or snow
  36. Opening a door without looking in your mirror first
  37. Stopped in the road at night with no lights on
  38. Two people not paying attention
  39. Vehicle malfunction
  40. Tire blowout causing vehicle to change lanes
  41. Tire blowout causing vehicle to roll
  42. Wheels that have fall off and roll down the road
  43. Dangerous intersection design
  44. Standing in the middle of the street
  45. Backing up with no backup camera
  46. Wind blows gate into your vehicle