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10 Things Uber and Lyft Drivers Need

Must Have

  1. Caffeine tablets in an a spot that you can grab while driving, to stay awake on long drives. As soon as you feel sleepy, break one of the tablets in half and eat it.
  2. Breath Mints and Gum for yourself so you don’t have bad breath and so you don’t get bad reviews, and for when customers ask for them. Your vehicle cabin will fill up quickly with any smell.
  3. Tissues for sneezing, coughing.
  4. Car Care Cleaning Wipes to clean bird poop off of windows, chocolate off seats, dust off dash.
    ArmorAll Clean-Up mini
  5. Paper Towels for cleaning bird poop off windshield and vomit from car and people.
  6. Metal Water Bottle full of water to keep yourself hydrated. Also for self defense.
  7. Tweezerspencils, pens can be used for self defense to poke. Keep tweezers and golf pencil in driver’s side door handle. Keep pens in driver’s side door cup holder.
  8. Car hammer (glass break tool, seat belt cutter), can be used for self defense and can break the side window to escape if the car is going underwater. The metal posts from the headrests can also be used to smash out the car window if the car is going under water.  Strike at the corners of the door windows to break the glass.
  9. USB charging cables, both Apple lighting and Android micro USB for your customers who’s cell phone batteries are dying. 
  10. Spare USB charging cable for yourself when yours goes bad (this happened to me)

Should Have

  1. QuikClot bleeding control gauze. You can never be too prepared.
  2. SWAT-T Tourniquet to stop bleeding though arms and legs. Video


  1. Pepper spray, be careful if you have kids though. They may find it and spray it on you, or their siblings, or their friends. If you deploy this, it may get in your own eyes too. Pepper spray will cause vision problems for at least 45 minutes.
    Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Allowed to Carry Non-Lethal Weapons in their Car?
  2. Bottled waters, especially in the summer or in areas where water is hard to find.

For Door Dash, Instacart, Postmates, and food delivery drivers

  • Napkins and Plastic Utensils, if you deliver food.  Restaurants forget to put these in the bag sometimes.
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